Law Firm Growth Struggles and Solutions from the 2019 Clio Legal Trends Report


Mismatched expectations contribute to this predicament. Lawyers lack understanding of the client experience and its impact on their firms’ growth:

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Capacity limitations result in lopsided allocations of time.

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Regina Edwards

Edwards Family Law

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Justie Nicol

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Calderone Bullock Ward LLC

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Hand off frontline communications to

My secret to business growth and client happiness.

Growth demands resources

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Mastering the business of law:


to clients

Whether “growth” means more revenue or efficiency, both outcomes demand resources:

Lawyers are rarely positioned to drive growth by themselves. Despite 92% reporting confidence in their legal skills, business-side realities are not in their favor:

Worse still, all of this time spent on firm operations and communications isn’t producing positive results. Despite spending on average 2 hours/day on business development work, the rewards are not proportional to their efforts.

Ignore clients

56% of phone calls are answered

Screen poorly

58% of consultations don’t result in a new-client retainer

lose deals

68% of leads communicated with a lawyer they didn’t hire

miss revenue

70% of billable work gets collected...

In 2019 Law firms still…


...just 1.7 hours per day of the 2.5 hours worked — a loss of $53,000/year based on the average billable rate of $253/hour!

communication gap


What inhibits lawyers’ ability to meet clients’ needs is rooted in misunderstanding clients’ motivations for contacting a lawyer to resolve an issue or matter, in the first place:



expect an immediate response to a new inquiry

of lawyers let calls from potential clients go to voicemail



never responded to a potential client’s outreach



base their “decision to hire” on a firm’s initial responsiveness



contacted more than one firm when shopping for a lawyer



can prevent potential clients from contacting another firm, if they’re liked by prospect



potential clients


potential clients


sense clients “relief” as a part of the experience of hiring a lawyer



feel “urgency” to hire a lawyer



feel “relief” as the #1 emotion when hiring a lawyer



sense clients’ “urgency” to hire a lawyer


% bridges the “resource gap” by providing live receptionists to small firms on affordable month-to-month plans.


Lawyers and their potential clients can both agree on the value of a speedy resolution. However, most clients contacting a law firm have never worked with a lawyer, so their expectations are often unrealistic.

Legal matters cannot be handled by just any firm, for just any price, just as instantly as a client may desire. Lawyers lacking time, business acumen, and marketing savvy have two options:

The resource Gap

responsive law firms are:


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Improve Responsiveness with Outsourcing

The Solution to Sustainable Growth:

Responsiveness is measured not only by speed. The content and channel of the response matter, too. An effective response is timely, substantially informative, and accessible through multiple

communication methods, such as phone, text, website, email, and social networks. To attract and retain clients, law firms must respond to clients where they are.




A timely response is the #1 most important factor to potential clients seeking a lawyer.

At least 74% of potential clients want to know what to expect in terms of cost, duration, or process.

68% of potential client emails received no response or a request to call the firm instead.

Further, 64% of consumers who contacted a lawyer they didn’t hire said the firm simply didn’t respond.

Yet over 61% of potential clients didn’t get enough of this information, and cited “lack of information” as the specific reason for not hiring the firm.

Information is meaningless if it’s not available on the channels clients prefer. 

Optimize Responsiveness with

Virtual Receptionists & Chat

Running a law firm may not matter much to big-firm lawyers whose jobs require only “lawyering,” but for solo and small-firm attorneys, their lawyering work depends on their ability to generate work and responsibly manage a firm.

This is where saves the day. With live receptionists and AI on the frontlines of law firms’ phones, websites, texts, and social networks, lawyers can:

Attorneys automating and outsourcing phone, web, and text communications to’s live receptionists and AI bots are more professional, profitable, and productive.

Engage more leads
Effectively screen clients
Book better consults
Capture more earnings
Achieve sustainable growth

Thriving Attorneys Rely on

Smart Services, Tailored to the Needs of Law Firms & Their Clients

Routes & screens new callers
Engages & qualifies website visitors
Calls leads who complete web forms
Schedules appointments

Completes intake forms
Collects payments for consults & invoices
Logs contacts & conversations in crm

Justie Nicol

Nicol Gersch Law


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